Thursday, April 16, 2015

TRANSFER - February 2015

Sister Morgan wrote on the mission blog: "Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail," will stop the NYNYN from doing the Lord's work! We have had all four of these weather patterns this month and it has been one of the coldest ever! We had a record low of -23 in Scarsdale this past month! BRRR!!
But nothing will keep our amazing missionaries from coming and going. Transfers this month were great. We had 21 missionaries return home to their families. They are Loyal to the CORE in every way."

Returning Missionaries: Elder Henry Diaz, Elder Jerek Lewis, Elder Joseph Sevy, Elder Brandon Miller, Elder Michael Delahunty, Elder Lucas Rydalch, Elder Ben Hunt, Elder Zach Jensen, Elder Adam Kia, Elder David Reynolds, Elder Cameron Burr, Elder Brett Cloward, Elder Hayden Kroff, and Sister Emily Livingston, Sister Marcella Toronto, Sister Savannah Astle, Sister Tessa Palmer, Sister Sadie Dodson, Sister Manielyn Arquero, Sister Yesenia Hoyos, Sister Victoria Tirado
14 New Missionaries arrivedSister Erika Smith, Sister Dakodah Terry, Sister Madeleine DeFord, Sister Erin Geiger, Sister Kayla Larsen, Sister Holly McAlister, Sister Alexis Spender, Sister Makenna Petersen, Elder Alec Unice, Elder Ryan Cheney, Elder Darius Nutall, Elder Kaden Muirbrook, Elder Anthony Jagneaux, Elder Christopher Rankin

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