Thursday, April 16, 2015

UNITED NATIONS - March 30, 2015
We walked about eight blocks to the United Nations building.  The cold wind was blowing and the flags of the world were really whipping in the wind.  We waited about 30 minutes and our Mormon group started to arrive.  Our Public Affairs guide from the country of Georgia met is.    She joined the Church when she was 12 through Humanitarian Missionaries and grew up, went on a mission to London and is a student of BYU-Idaho doing an internship here in NYC with the Church Public Affairs Department.  Elder Sowby met us and took a picture of our group on the UN stairs.

The UN Water meeting was very interesting with a goal to improve pure water, sanitation and hygiene throughout the world.  We are so blessed to have clean water to drink, to use to wash our clothes and take showers.  A great part of the world doesn't have good water and many babies and people die because of water problems.  We heard from keynote speakers and then from many countries like Japan, Cuba, Slovakia, Georgia, Slovenia, Korea, South Africa, Nicaragua, Italy, Singapore, Finland, Spain, France,

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