Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ice Storms, Baptism, and Dinner in New Canaan - January 18, 2015

Ice Storms yesterday!  We got up and started out for Church at the usual time.  The roads were like ice.  It had been raining all night and today.  Since it was so cold, the rain would freeze as soon as it hit the ground.  We drove slow, but when we got to the freeway entrance, there was a police car with flashing lights and we could see the exit was packed with cars, all stopped.  Jerry turned around and we went a different way to Church.  Along the way, we saw a car on a tow truck which had been rear ended, and another car down in a ravine.  There were several police cars and a fire engine, and cars all backed up for a long way, thankfully going the other direction.

We arrived at Church at 10am and found they had pushed the meeting back to 10:30am.  That gave me time to talk to Sheron Gayle who was baptized tonight.  She asked me what a Stake is and I explained. I also showed her a Relief Society video from Lds.org on my iPad.  It was a wonderful experience!  Then she asked me what are the purposes of Relief Society.  I looked up on my iPad and told her: 
Increase Faith and Personal Righteousness
Strengthen Home and Family
Care for the Poor and Needy

The elders were at the Church when we arrived chipping the ice off the sidewalks.  They only held Sacrament Meeting and cancelled the other two meetings because of the weather.

Brother David Brooks, who had accompanied Calee last week when she sang so beautifully in our New Rochelle Ward Sacrament Meeting, and was also the same Elder Brooks who replaced Elder Jerrold David Gardner as AP in the Norway, Oslo Mission - he spoke about reverence.  

We went slowly back home on those icy roads, then at 2:30pm, we drove to New Canaan, Connecticut to have dinner with one of Nate's former missionary companions in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Keith Dickinson told us of the great positive influence and example Nate was to him when he first arrived, was homesick, language was hard, etc.  He got teary eyed as he read from his Missionary Journal about Elder Nathan Gardner, who helped him catch the vision of
Missionary work.  We are sure proud of all our kids and the great examples for good and Christlike influence you are to those you meet.

It was fun to Skype with Ashley, Chris, Aiden, Hugo and baby Ellie last night.  Those 19 grandkids are so precious to us.  We miss our dear family!

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