Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mission Leadership Conf. January 2, 2015

The missionaries were taken to the JFK Airport to depart and return home after serving with all their heart, might, mind and soul.  The mission didn't miss a beat, as this morning the new trainers for the incoming missionaries coming next week, were trained.  It is called "Train The Trainer."  We didn't attend that meeting, but did attend the lunch (Pizza and salad), and then stayed for the Mission Leadership Council which was all the new Assistants to the President, Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Office Elders, Sister Leadership Trainers etc.  One of the senior office missionary couples attend each time, and it was our turn.  It was very interesting to attend our first MLC and to get to know the leaders in the mission.  The photos are of some of the missionaries who attended that day.

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