Saturday, January 3, 2015

New York New York North Mission

On December 1st 2014, we entered the Provo MTC and embarked upon a new adventure.  Our greatest challenges was getting our house in Highland, Utah prepared so that Nate, Nicole and their family could move it.  Thanks to the "Locust Movers" (Jerry), we were just able to slip out as Nate's Family was moving in.  

On Tuesday night, we went to see Calee in her Orem Hale Theater production of "A Christmas Carol."  She played the part of Belle, who was Ebenezer Scrooge's fianc√© before his life was ruled by money.  Calee did a great job.

 We left Highland about 1 pm on Saturday December 6th for the drive to New York.  We made Laramie Wyoming by night fall and stayed in Omaha, Nebraska, South Bend, Indiana and State College (Penn State) Pennsylvania.  

We arrived in Scarsdale, New York about 1:30 pm on Wednesday, December 10th.  We move at a rate faster than we had planned because we were concerned that we might encounter bad weather.  We did encounter some heavy rain in the area below the great lakes and also a little snow in the hills of Pennsylvania, but nothing that impacted the drive. 

Driving in New York City takes patience and constant awareness.  In some area, traffic seems to converge on one from every possible direction.  Some of the roads here seem narrower than in the west and that adds the stress of driving.

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